Congrats to all of our 2014 High School Participants!

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U15 CNB Nationals Have One Spot Remaining!

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U15 CNB Nationals defeat Seattle Select 6-5 to become state champions!

All tournament team - Brady Edwards, Max Johnson, Connor Sand, Jordan Bettencourt, Zayn Philips

What is Club Nine Baseball?

Club Nine Baseball was created to bring back baseball the way it was meant to be played. Our focus is to emphasize to the youth baseball players of the Northwest how important hard work, dedication and mental toughness is to get the most out of their potential. Giving them the necessary tools and mechanics is only part of a player's success but we do cover them all. At Club Nine we'll show you how to push yourself and help you to establish goals in every aspect of the game. Our coaching staff has experience playing from College to Professional ranks. We have high expectations of our players and high expectations of our staff. We are here to help those dedicated and driven.

Ready for it? Get your uniform dirty, take the extra base, pitch inside!
We work hard to play hard!

What does
"Club Nine" mean?

Club Nine was the Civil War term for a baseball team. A time when boys played to play, and played hard. Club Nine's played to pass the time and to enjoy themselves in a not so enjoyable time. Playing for the love of the game and the comradery it created. The best teams on the field were also known for their teamwork on the battle field. It's a team, a group of nine...not a team of one.